Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery: How Did She Hurt Her Face?

Speculation about Carrie Underwood concealing plastic surgery spread after she was involved in an accident in 2017 that left her with a facial injury. Later, she responded to those rumors and said that the truth is just as fascinating as any fiction.

How Did Underwood’s Face Change?

Years after an event that left her with a face scar, Carrie Underwood appears in a denim vest in the year 2022.

How Did Carrie Underwood Get A Facial Injury?

Underwood discussed the accident that required numerous stitches with Hoda Kotb for TODAY. While she was alone in her Nashville home with her eldest kid, Isaiah, it occurred outside. She added that it was merely a regrettable slip-up on her part.

She explained, “Plain and simple. It was just a freak accident” (per People.). “I merely fell. I just fell while taking my dogs outside to relieve themselves. Anyone could be affected by it.

“I say it wouldn’t have been a problem if I had landed elsewhere. I tried to catch myself on one tiny step, but I missed,” she continued.

Underwood fell, not realizing at first how terrible the damage was, but she ultimately went to the doctor. She required surgery on her wrist and between 40 and 50 stitches on her face.

How Did Carrie Underwood Feel About The Speculation About Plastic Surgery After Her Accident?

Underwood commented on the reports regarding her injury in an interview with Redbook last year. She explicitly addressed rumors that the catastrophe was staged for publicity to hide plastic surgery. She dismissed it as office gossip and a less exciting tale than what had occurred.

She said, “I’m in some magazine every other week for some weird thing. It’s a shame because the truth is equally fascinating. I wish I had undergone some excellent plastic surgery to improve the appearance of this scar.

She added that she tried “not to overthink about it.”

What Did Carrie Underwood Discover About Perception After Her Injury?

During her recovery, Underwood acknowledged concern about what people—including Isaiah—might think of her face. “Any time someone gets hurt, it looks fairly horrible at first, and you’re like,” she reportedly told Redbook.

You don’t know, she said. It was also a perception issue, as I can see it quite a bit in myself now, but other people say, “I wouldn’t have even noticed.

“Nobody else looks at you as frequently as you imagine. It’s been good to understand that nobody notices as much as you think they will,” she said.

While recovering, Underwood told Kotb, a “committed team of pros” also helped her “spackle and painted and paste.” “Every day, I feel a little more like myself again.”

Did Carrie Underwood Have Plastic Surgery?

Following her 2017 mishap in which she slipped and fell outside of her Nashville home, requiring 40 stitches in her face, the “Ghost Story” singer flatly denied having surgery. The following year, she described rumors about her appearance as “sad” in an interview with Redbook.

Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery
Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery

I appear in a magazine every other week for a wacky story. It’s a shame because the truth is equally fascinating. The singer of “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” who is married to former NFL player Mike Fisher, stated, “I wish I’d undergone some fantastic plastic surgery to make this [scar] appear more excellent.

Carrie Agreed That The “Healing Process” Had Been “Beneficial” For Her:

“I reached a point where I was unsure how things would turn out. I wasn’t sure how it would recover,” she continued. “I feared [my son] could be intimidated by me. However, he now says, “Mommy, your boo-all boo’s gone,” if I apply makeup.

The native of Oklahoma also stated on her website at the time that she was “physically” feeling “pretty darn terrific.” “My wrist is nearly normal again; approximately 90% there… and the doctors predict the final 10% will recover eventually,” she wrote. Additionally, the wound on my face has been healing quite well. My sense of self is undoubtedly more substantial than it has been.

What Is Carrie Underwood’s Position On Plastic Surgery?

The singer of “Before He Cheats” admitted she tries “not to worry too much” about speculations concerning plastic surgery. She told Redbook that her mother would ask her, “Did you see they are saying this about you?” “Mama, I don’t care,’ I’ll say, and then. I’m just trying to get by and raise my son.

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