Boogie2988 Weight Loss Journey: How Was The Weight Loss Surgery?

Boogie2988 Weight Loss: Steve Jay Williams, often known as Boogie2988, is one of the most well-known figures on social media and must be known to Youtube viewers. This post will discuss the weight loss experience of well-known YouTuber Boogie2988. He established himself on YouTube through snarky remarks and his famous alter ego, “Francis.”

The number of subscribers to his YouTube channel has surpassed 4.21 million. He initially appeared on YouTube in April 2006 with a Dungeons and Dragons video. He has recently been in the news and picking people’s curiosity since Boogie2988’s apparent weight loss journey, which started a few years ago, is currently the talk of the town.

You must have these questions in your head right now, and if you read down to the end, you will find all the answers. Boogie2988 once weighed over 500 pounds. He decided to have surgery, which was successful since he was concerned about maintaining a healthy life cycle.

Who Is Boogie2988?

YouTuber Steven Jay Williams, known online as Boogie2988 or just Boogie, is well-known for his gaming-related rants and videos. He is the creator of the incredibly famous fictitious character “Francis,” who personifies the prejudices frequently applied to video game gamers. Williams often mocks current pop culture, nerd culture, and video game news with this persona.

Williams’ enormous online fame is primarily due to Francis, a character who internet users despise and based on the gamer’s early experiences. This man is undoubtedly one of the most well-known YouTubers in the United States, with his channel, “Boogie2988,” boasting over 4 million subscribers. His films include many topics, from ridiculous and funny rants to essential discussions about depression, domestic violence, and fat shaming.

Despite being prosperous today, Williams has overcome some extremely challenging circumstances in the past. His admirers already adore him for his hilarious rage videos, but now they are even more impressed by his tenacity and never-say-die mentality. At the 2016 Game Awards, he received the Trending Gamer award, which attests to his enormous popularity.

Boogie2988 Weight Loss Journey

When Boogie2988 initially appeared on YouTube, he was overweight and carried that weight for most of his life. He grew up to be obese as a result of his neglectful upbringing and severe food addiction. Then, he decided to reduce weight by refraining from overeating after his doctor advised him to do so because if he kept up his overeating, he would die by 25.

But recently, he needed surgery to lose those astronomical extra pounds. Before having weight loss surgery, he was about 597 pounds; as a result, he dropped to 360 pounds. This indicates that he lost 237 pounds in total following gastric bypass surgery for weight loss.

Boogie2988 Weight Loss Before And After

How Was The Weight Loss Surgery?

He tried many different things before pursuing weight loss surgery, so the thought had never previously crossed his mind. He began his trip by diligently adhering to the weight loss advice offered by the instructions he downloaded from the internet. This, however, did not reveal any fruitful outcomes.

He did lose roughly 60 pounds before deciding to get surgery in 2017. In six years, he gained 60 pounds, which did not indicate a noticeably decreased weight. In 2017, the best and only option for Boogie to lose weight was weight loss surgery.

For many like him, he believed that gastric bypass surgery was the only way to overcome their weight. Boogie2988 dropped a significant amount of weight quickly after a set amount of time following his weight-loss bypass operation. According to him, he shed 30 pounds in 28 days.

Before weight loss surgery, he reached a maximum of 597 pounds. After the procedure, he weighed 360 pounds. This shows unequivocally that Boogie2988 lost 237 pounds in total following bypass surgery. Being fat is not healthy at all. Therefore weight loss surgery further enhanced his health.

Gastric bypass surgery did have certain advantages and disadvantages. A few weeks later, Boogie2988 reported feeling modest side effects like abdominal ache and finding it challenging to curb his addiction to processed or junk food.

What Was Boogie2988’s Weight Loss Routine?


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Maybe in 2020, Boogie2988 will discuss his difficult weight loss journey on YouTube. In the video, he lost control, started using a new hunger suppressant, and contemplated skipping one meal daily. He dropped to his lowest weight ever for a rookie while visiting or traveling, 336 lbs. He fell from 344 to 344 thanksgiving springboard, putting him in a 10-pound range, which is very average for an obese person’s cheat dinner.

The main point is that William no longer relies on a car to get around and that he has conquered his desire for adventure. He may not be able to meet everyone’s needs, but he is far better off now than before and is more concerned with long-term results than with fluctuations or short-term benefits.

He seemed to be primarily interested in removing skin following a rapid weight loss, which will take some time as he needs to maintain his low weight for a few weeks to qualify for the treatment.

Youtuber Boogie’s Weight Loss Lies

Boogie2988’s significant weight reduction was brought up by admirers, after which William tweeted the response mentioned above.

Additionally, Memology101 produced a video in which they criticized William and said that being morbidly obese is a wrong lifestyle choice that Boogie, an adult, is ultimately free to make. The issue here is that he consistently deceives his supporters, who genuinely care about his good health and wellbeing.

He is giving his supporters false optimism that he will improve. Because he hasn’t changed and uses the same deceptive methods to get views and money, this strategy is just a cheap one. He frequently lies to his target audience about trying to change his bad habits, according to memology101.

And because they were caught up in his false justification, those credulous followers subsequently interpreted this as motivating or inspirational. His manipulative manner is being attacked, not necessarily his errant decisions in life or his stubbornness.

How Was Boogie2988’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey?

However, he experienced some abdominal pain a short time after the operation. After the procedure, he was prescribed painkillers to help with the discomfort as a preventative measure or remedy. It took him some time to fully recuperate from the operation.

He was forbidden from consuming any food or liquids for three days, and for the following two weeks, he was also banned from consuming any pureed meals. He was instructed to wait until six weeks before eating solid foods, and it would almost be 12 months before he could eat a small meal.

No matter how many internet commenters criticize him for his unhealthful eating habits or cast doubt on his controversial persona, he has already taken those tough choices for himself and has already endured a lot of pain. He has made it easier for other obese people to follow.

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