Blakeney Schick Obituary: Remembering Her Joyful Life and Legacy!

Blakeney Schick was a famous Brooklyn resident recognized for her commitment to social justice concerns and her artistic talent. Her compassion, dedication, and constant commitment to elevating others made her a community favorite.

Her bright paintings captured the spirit of Brooklyn and its varied ethnicities, demonstrating her passion for the area and its people. Furthermore, Blakeney’s advocacy for environmentally sustainable techniques cemented her standing as a significant figure in the community.

Blakeney Schick was a gifted and passionate guy who significantly impacted radio and podcasting. While her name may not be well-known, you may have heard her work. Blakeney has created thousands of hours of material for prestigious outlets such as WNYC, NPR, the New York Times, and, most recently, New York Magazine.

Her contributions to different shows, such as coverage of presidential elections and significant cultural events, demonstrated her abilities as an interviewer and producer.

Blakeney Schick Obituary

Blakeney Schick, a gifted and dedicated radio and podcasting professional, will be remembered with a memorial service on November 4, 2023, at 11:00 a.m.

Blakeney Schick Obituary

The memorial ceremony will be held at Grace Church Brooklyn Heights, where friends, family, and colleagues will gather to celebrate and commemorate this exceptional individual’s life. As we collect to pay our respects, let us appreciate Blakeney’s memories and the legacy she leaves behind.

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What Happened to Blakeney Schick?

Blakeney Schick died on July 24 at 40 from a sudden cardiac attack. Fort Greene, Brooklyn, resident died on July 24, 2023, in New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

Despite her brief time on this planet, she had a significant impact on her career and touched the lives of many others. Blakeney’s dedication to her profession, commitment to quality, and capacity to inspire others will be remembered and treasured by all who worked with her.

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