Are Rachel And Brendon Still Together? Are They Still Married?

Even though it has been nine years since Rachel Reilly last participated in a Big Brother season, the 35-year-old remains one of the most well-liked competitors on the CBS series.

Her friendship with fellow Big Brother alum Brendon Villegas, has helped the fiery redhead remain popular among reality TV viewers over the years. The couple got hitched two years after they first met on the show’s Season 12 in 2010. But do they remain a couple? Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for Are Rachel And Brendon Still Together? Are Rachel And Brendon From ‘Big Brother’ Still Married?

Are Rachel And Brendon From ‘Big Brother’ Still Married?

The Season 13 champion and her spouse are expecting their second child and will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary in September. On May 10, the couple shared the fantastic news in an Instagram post. “I can’t believe I’m pregnant! We’ve been trying for a while to have another,” Rachel informed her 163K fans.

A month later, she wrote an update on her pregnancy: “I’m just happy I’m finally in the 2nd trimester [because] trimester one was HARD!!!!! I got shingles/morning sickness/I couldn’t eat or sleep/but thankfully I can get some extra energy now and breathe.

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Daughter Adora Borealis, who turned four in April, is already a parent thanks to Rachel and Brendon. In the months before the birth of baby No. 2, the pleased mother admitted that she had been busy concentrating on her young daughter. The North Carolina native exclaimed, “We’re going to do everything fun together and build tons of memories as a family of three!!!!”

Rachel said, “Bike riding, beach days, animal viewing, camping – pretty much everything, especially since we can’t travel these days. “I want her to know how important she is to us.”

Are Rachel And Brendon Still Together
Are Rachel And Brendon Still Together

Although Rachel revealed to People magazine that it would be “wonderful for Adora to have a sister so she can participate on The Amazing Race with her sis like I did,” the parents have not yet learned the baby’s sex.

Rachel mentioned how helpful her daughter has been during the pregnancy. “When I have morning sickness, she comes in the bathroom and rubs my back,” the TV personality said. “She brings me water to drink all day and she even goes and grabs water bottles and tells me I have to drink them for the baby.

The Bold and the Beautiful alum, who met Brendon for the first time ten years ago, recently gushed over him. He’s the best partner, friend, and father! Enthused Rachel. “Now that he has a doctorate and a Ph.D., we expect twins. We probably had no idea how much a TV show would impact our lives.”

Brendon, currently employed by UCLA’s Division of Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine, acknowledged that the pregnancy had undergone additional stress due to the coronavirus.

“In the midst of a pandemic, I am most concerned with Rachel and the baby both maintaining their health,” he told People. “Honestly, that is all I care for at the moment, their safety.”

According to her social media posts, Rachel is expected to give birth at the end of October. We are eager to meet their newest member!

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