Anjelah Johnson Husband: She Shares A Lot of Family Moments!

Anjelah Johnson is one of the famous people who tend to marry within their own group. Misunderstandings about their business and dealing with the pressures of fame can make dting someone from outside the industry difficult.

Johnson first gained fame as a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders before pursuing an acting and stand-up comedy career. In 2020, she competed in Fox’s “The Real Dirty Dancing” and became even more well-known.

Many viewers of the dancing competition are curious about Johnson’s romantic relationships due to her involvement in the show. Manwell Reyes, her spouse, is the love of her life, and they tied the knot in June 2011.

Reyes is as gifted as his lady love. He became well-known as the band’s lead singer after forming Group 1 Crew in 2003 alongside Pablo Villatoro and Blanca Callahan.

Releases like “Fearless,” “I Have a Dream,” “Ordinary Dreamers,” “Outta Space Love,” “Power,” and the band’s self-titled EP helped propel them to stardom.

Anjelah Shares A Lot of Family Moments

Johnson and Reyes have a lot of fun doing things together as a pair, like working on exciting projects and participating in rituals. All of these have been chronicled on Johnson’s social media accounts.

“Johnson and Reyes’ lives have changed dramatically as they moved from California to Nashville recently.”

In 2019, Johnson announced the debut of their podcast, “Nights at the Round Table Podcast.” The podcast features a group of friends conversing while enjoying wine and food.

The multitalented woman has spoken about how her husband’s ability to bring his ideas to fruition is one of his greatest strengths. This was immediately obvious when Reyes proposed the podcast.

Anjelah Johnson Husband

Johnson emphasized the value their neighborhood holds for them and how important it is in their home. The community-oriented values are shown in the way they embrace their culture.

Johnson shared a photo of Reyes’s mom helping his dad set his watch, demonstrating the family’s close bond. Johnson feels a special sense of belonging to her husband’s family because of his Puerto Rican heritage. She remarked:

“I look forward to helping my husband @manwellreyes put his Puerto Rican gold chains on 44 years later. #LoveMyInlaws #TeamMarriage #TakesWork #ThroughThickAndThin #Reyes #LatinoLove”

Johnson appreciates celebrating her husband’s background by incorporating lighthearted twists into age-old customs. She even posted a photo with a bilingual “Merry Christmas” and “Merry Navidad” caption.

The adorable couple knows the importance of date nights in maintaining their bond. Johnson released a few images of Johnson and Reyes at the studio of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s show “Hell’s Kitchen” online.

The Couple Is Expecting Their First Baby

Johnson and her long-term spouse made the decision to start a new chapter in their lives as parents by the end of 2022. They recently learned that they would soon be parents.

Reyes, who is expecting a child, told KTLA5 in January 2023 that the first trimester was difficult but that she ultimately prevailed. She added that she had discovered a lot about her own body.

It dawned on her that another “expensive” aspect of motherhood was ensuring she was prepared with things like an expensive infant car seat for when the baby arrived.

Since making the journey from California to Nashville, everything has changed drastically for Johnson and Reyes. Johnson, a transplant from the Golden State, has been getting used to life in his new neighborhood.

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They Announced Anjelah’s Pregnancy to Relatives Creatively

Johnson and Reyes first kept their pregnancy secret from their friends and family. They planned to surprise their loved ones with their pregnancy news by mailing cards, making video calls, and paying visits. The pair documented their thoughts and feelings on Instagram.

In the clip, Reyes’ mother, surrounded by her family, can be seen opening a box and taking out infant apparel, leading viewers to believe she is about to become a grandmother. The news of the newest member’s impending arrival shocked everyone in the family.

Friends and coworkers reacted similarly after receiving cards and visits from the couple. There were some weepers and a few astonished ones. Everyone in the group was thrilled for the happy couple and sent their best wishes.

Johnson’s internet followers have congratulated her and her spouse on their marriage. She called the day they shared their happy news with loved ones a “day for love” in her message.

Now that Johnson has announced her pregnancy and the birth of her child, she joins a long list of famous people who have done the same.

Chrissy Teigen, Kelly Osbourne, and Paris Hilton are just a few of the famous women who have spoken publicly about reaching important parenting milestones in recent months.

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