How Did Alan Feneca Lose Weight? Alan Funeka Lost 105 Pounds Since Retirement!

Alan Faneca Weight Loss: Alan Faneca is a retired American football player. Over the past 13 years, he has been a starter at guard for the NFL’s New York Giants. After playing college football at Louisiana State University, Alan Faneca was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the sixth round of the 1998 NFL Draft. Alan has played for multiple NFL teams, including the New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals.

Since Alan Faneca’s retirement, he’s undergone a dramatic transformation. It’s possible you don’t even know who Alan is if you haven’t been paying attention to him for a while. As an alternative to continuing his football career, Faneca hung up his cleats and tried his hand at long-distance running, a sport in which he was previously untrained.

Alan Faneca weighed 316 pounds while playing football at his heaviest, which was more than enough to impede everyone else’s movement on the field. Faneca’s appearance has vastly improved since that time, thanks to his loss of over 100 pounds.

In addition, Alan’s followers were surprised to see a new photo of him on Twitter after he had lost a lot of weight because he had stopped making public appearances after he retired. How did he accomplish that, exactly? As a former football player, how did this runner lose over 100 pounds and start running?

Alan Faneca’s Weight Loss Journey

Given how much his weight was hindering his play, Alan Faneca had been thinking about his weight loss options for quite some time. Since he plays football, he could not pull it off. Not long after Alan retired, however, he was free to pursue whatever hobby or activity he wanted. Therefore, he began engaging in long-distance running.

Alan Faneca Weight Loss
Alan Faneca Weight Loss

He started running, and he also started counting calories. He cut his calorie consumption drastically, going from four thousand to eighteen hundred per day. Alan increased his gym visits and made other lifestyle changes to help him reach his goal weight.

Because he kept at it, Alan was eventually successful in losing a lot of weight. The impact on his health as a whole was substantial. He felt confident that things were finally going to turn out okay. Moving around is now considerably less hassle; the same goes for working out generally.

Alan Faneca: Weight Loss

Faneca lost almost 100 pounds by drastically changing his diet and his level of physical activity. His weight loss from 316 to 210 pounds is impressive.

Alan Faneca Sheds 105 Pounds After His Retirement!

Faneca, who is 6.5 feet tall, was 316 pounds overweight. The former player has lost half his body weight since retiring. Former nine-year pro bowler Faneca now sports a cyclist’s physique. A former player for the Jets admits that, since retiring from professional sports, he has shed almost 100 pounds.

Faneca retired and began his challenging but ultimately rewarding journey to lose weight. Two years later, in 2012, he retired from football and slimmed down to 220 pounds. When interviewed by Fox Sports many years ago, Faneca indicated that living a healthier life was his ultimate objective.

Alan told Fox Sports, “You may weigh about 340, 350, and still move, but that’s not always healthy, and it’s not going to prolong your life, especially when you are out of football and dealing with post-football issues.” Faneca’s adventure began with him as a distance runner.

Alan ran his first marathon in under 4 hours in 2014. He went from eating roughly 4000 calories per day to around 1800, the formerly overweight dude says, thanks to his new diet plans. Alan achieved his goal body and way of life partly because he engaged in aerobic exercise for 60 minutes, six days a week.

Alan Faneca Early Years

Between 1987 and 1990, Faneca studied at John Curtis Christian School in River Ridge, Louisiana. While in middle school and junior high at John Curtis Christian, he played football and basketball for the school’s 27-time state championship teams. Soon after, Faneca enrolled in Lamar Consolidated High School in Rosenberg, Texas, where he participated on the football and track teams and earned a letter in both sports.


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He was named the best player in Houston by the All-Greater Houston team, the Orlando Sentinel All-South team, and the Touchdown Club of Houston. At 15, Faneca began experiencing seizures; a diagnosis of epilepsy was made. He began taking medication to manage it, and soon after, he returned to football.

Alan Faneca College Career

Between 1994 and 1997, Faneca was a member of the LSU football squad. In 1994, as a first-year, he was given a redshirt. In 1995, the Knoxville News Sentinel named him the best first-year player in the Southeastern Conference. He was named to the All-American second team that year (1996). In addition to being one of three contenders for the 1997 Outland Trophy, he was named to first-team All-America unanimously when he was a junior that year.

Faneca was nicknamed “a beast” as he regularly forced the Florida Gators off the field in the Tigers’ 1997 home game against the Gators, paving the way for Tigers’ running backs to score.

There was only one sack allowed on Faneca in his final season at LSU, and he started all 36 games. In his time at university, he accumulated 210 of these pancake bricks. In 1999, he returned to school and completed his Bachelor of Science in Management and Entrepreneurship.

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