Brendan Schaub Wife: Who Is His Wife?

Joanna Zanella is an actress, sports presenter, and entrepreneur. Brendan Schaub is her husband, a former heavyweight fighter for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

2014 marked the beginning of Zanella and Brendan Schaub’s relationship as a dating couple. After another two years, the couple became parents for the first time to Tiger Schaub. In 2019, they had their second son, who they named Boston.

According to Players Stats, Zanella was born on May 5th, 1988, in West Hollywood, California. However, not long after that, her family uprooted and relocated to Mexico. After an additional nine years had passed, she emigrated to the United States and began a career as a child actress.

During an interview with Voyage LA, Zanella revealed a growing interest in athletics once she graduated high school.

Zanella once held the role of anchor for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Fox Deportes is the first Spanish-language sports network in the United States, and the 33-year-old man currently holds a position as a TV host.

Who Is Brendan Schaub’s Wife?

Many people are admirers of numerous celebrities in a variety of industries, including the film business, sports, modeling, etc.

Like this, Brendan Schaub’s admirers are now looking for his wife. Thus, searches for Brendan Schaub’s Wife and Brendan SchaubSchaub’swere possible. For those fans who are interested in learning more about his height, age, and other details, this article will be helpful.

brendan schaub wife
Brendan Schaub wife

Brendan Schaub is highly renowned for his professional accomplishments. His admirers are curious to discover if Brendan Schaub is dating someone or has a wife. According to sources, Joanna Zanella is Brendan Schaub’s partner. Refer to this article to learn more about Brendan Schaub’s wife or girlfriend.

These days, people are pretty curious to discover the relationships of their favorite celebrities. Brendan Schaub’s Wife is one of the queries on the list, indicating that his admirers were interested in finding out whether he was dating or cohabitating.

Joanna Zanella is a partner at Brendan Schaub, as was already mentioned. This page would have assisted people looking for Brendan Schaub’s Wife’s Name to learn more about Brendan Schaub and his wife.

How Old Is Brendan Schaub’s Wife?

Wife of Brendan Schaub The age of Joanna Zanella is 34. If someone wants to check Brendan Schaub’s Wife’s Age, they could do so right now. Bruce Schaub’s Wife, Judith Zanella, is 34 years old.

What Was Brendan Schaub & Joanna Zanella’s Marital Problem?

The marriage of Joanna Zanella and Brendan Schaub hasn’t always been easy. Schaub talked openly to Zanella about his marital issues in September last year.

The former UFC heavyweight claimed that although he and Zanella had issues, COVID-19 nevertheless managed to “rescue” their marriage.

And now it may be inferred that the couple is contentedly married from Brendan Schaub and Joanna Zanella’s most recent Instagram photos.

From 2009 until 2014, Brendan Schaub competed in the UFC, compiling a 6-5 record. He had a relationship with former UFC champion Ronda Rousey before they met Zanella.

Khalyla Kuhn is best known for being the partner of comedian Bobby Lee. She has a history of making outrageous statements, such as referring to her husband as her “first lesbian boyfriend,” bragging about her previous girlfriends,

and wishing that she and her husband could have an open marriage. Bobby Lee is a well-known stand-up comedian. Khalyla Kuhn is a famous stand-up comedian.

After an athlete named Brendan Schaub admitted that he didn’t consider how the beauty was drawn to her partner, Kuhn became the topic of a dishonest dispute one year later.

Was Brendan Schaub’s Wife Joanna Zanella Cheating?

Tiger and Boston, the couple’s children, were born in 2016 and 2019, respectively. Brendan Schaub married Joanna Zanella, and the couple has two children.

Jay is the younger brother of this man. Schaub prior dated Ronda Rousey for a brief time. Bent Pixels hid Schaub’s assertion that each member of Dana White and Joe Rogan’s cast had a history of extramarital affairs.

This revelation by Schaub was a significant warning sign for Rogan, who keeps his personal life extremely private and only occasionally appears in public with his family. Schaub’s revelation was a red light for Rogan.

In 2022, he started looking for licensed movement in opposition to many channels committed to recording his embarrassing moments. However, by openly seeking licensed judgments against minor YouTubers, he most likely galvanized large commenting YouTube channels to begin posting videos requesting that they be removed from YouTube.

What Happened To Brendan Schaub?

Brendan Schaub is in many problems due to comedian Bobby Lee and his girlfriend Khalyla Kuhn revealing on the H3H3 podcast that Schaub attempted to sue Lee, threaten him, and intimidate him to get Kuhn off one more time. Kuhn is the one who released this information.

It all started when comic Annie Lederman mentioned an event involving a bunch of guys comedians who were not very good at their craft, hitting on her while she was driving. “Gather me to my vehicle in a moment.” Before selling it, Brenda’s car was a Ford Raptor Custom.

Kuhn, who is a co-host on Leaderman’s Trash Tuesdays, mentioned that the identical comic was hitting on her while they were out together with his family, although she was not accessible at the time.

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