Bonnie Somerville Measurements: What Is Her Height And Weight In 2022?

Bombshell with blonde hair. Bonnie Somerville is well-known for more than just her attractive appearance. In the entertainment industry of Hollywood, Somerville is well known for her work as a model, singer, and actress. Because she has been in some well-known films alongside other well-established performers, you should not underestimate her.

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How Was Bonnie Somerville’s Early Life?

Bonnie Somerville was born in Brooklyn, in the borough of New York City, in the United States of America, on February 24th, 1974. It is unknown what her connection was like with her father, but it is known that Bonnie comes from a massive family because her mother is one of nine siblings. She was raised by her mother, who is a devout Catholic.

Bonnie’s mother has stated that her daughter has always shown an interest in singing and acting and that she frequently puts on tiny performances for her at home.

Somerville responded as follows when she was asked later in life what motivated her to become a performer: “When I was a little girl, my mom took me to see Annie on Broadway, and I just wanted to be doing what those other girls were doing.”

Where Did Bonnie Somerville Get Her Education?

Somerville was required to attend the Poly Preps Country Day School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where she was a member of the school’s cheerleading squad and participated in as many school plays and community theatre performances as possible.

Following graduation, Bonnie enrolled at Boston College in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, United States, to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre.

How Did Start Career Of Bonnie Somerville?

A modeling scout spotted Bonnie while working as a waitress at 22 and offered her a contract. She tried her hand at modeling for a short period before deciding to pursue a career in music instead. She moved to Los Angeles, California, to give it a shot.

Somerville didn’t waste much time putting together a band or searching for an agent to represent her before she did both. The fact that she was a backup singer on Joshua Radin’s debut album is what brought her initial attention to the public.

Bonnie Somerville Measurements (1)
Bonnie Somerville Measurements (1)

One of Somerville’s songs, “Winding Road,” was featured on the soundtrack for the film “The Garden State,” which Zach Braff, who would go on to date Bonnie, had directed and written.

Her first job in the acting industry was in 1996, when she appeared as an extra in the film “City Hall.” Her first significant part was as the lead actress in the miniseries “Shake, Rattle, and Roll: An American Love Story,” which debuted in 1999.

She also contributed vocals to the show’s soundtrack at this time. Next to her performance in “Grosse Pointe” the following year, Bonnie played the role of Rachel Hoffman, Sandy Cohen’s coworker in the first season of “The O.C.”

The eighth season of the popular television show “FRIENDS” featured Bonnie in a recurring role as the girlfriend of the main character, Ross Geller. She appeared in seven episodes of the show. Somerville appeared in a supporting capacity as Detective Laura Murphy for the final season of “NYPD Blue,” in which she was involved for a total of fifteen episodes.

In 2005, Somerville appeared in the “Kitchen Confidential” television series opposite the Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper.

Despite the series’ success, it was canceled after only one season, but that wasn’t the end for Bonnie. In 2008, she played a starring role in “Cashmere Mafia” alongside Frances O’Connor, Lucy Liu, and Miranda Otto, and she also appeared as a guest star on the show “Gary Unmarried.”

Following his time in “Without a Paddle,” “The Ugly Truth,” “Spiderman 2,” and “Labour Pains,” Sommerville went on to appear in some major Hollywood films.

In the independent comedy “The Best and the Brightest,” which Somerville began starring in alongside Neil Patrick Harris in 2010, she played Sam, a character who had recently relocated to New York City with her partner and child and who was attempting to enroll her daughter in a highly prestigious preschool.

What Is The Height And Weight Of Bonnie Somerville In 2022?

Height of 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm
Weight 132 lb / 60 kg
Body size

Breast/Bust size 34 in / 87 cm
Waist size 25 in / 65 cm
a hip circumference of 35 inches or 91 cm
Bra size 38B (US) / 85B (EU)
Cup size B (U.S.)
Dress Size – Shoe (Feet) Size 10 U.S.
87 Cups, 65 Inches at the Waist, and 91 Inches at the Hips

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