Tentative Debt Ceiling Deal Reached By White House And GOP House Leaders!

White House, Republicans Reach Tentative Debt Ceiling Deal

On Saturday night, negotiators for President Biden and Republican congressional leaders reached a last-minute, principled agreement to raise the debt ceiling. After weeks of delays that shook markets and stoked concerns about a catastrophic default, both sides finally reached a tentative agreement. After hours of protracted negotiations, Mr. Biden and McCarthy spoke over the phone …

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Ron DeSantis And Elon Musk Unveil 2024 Presidential Campaign on Twitter!

Ron DeSantis Launches 2024 Presidential Bid on Twitter

ABC News has been informed by multiple sources familiar with the matter that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will launch his 2024 presidential campaign on Wednesday evening during a social media event with Elon Musk. Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET, DeSantis will announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination during a life, audio-only Twitter Spaces event, …

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At Least 2 Deαd, 2 Missing in North Carolina Building Fire!

At Least 2 Dead, 2 Missing in North Carolina

Two people who firefighters in North Carolina couldn’t reach in time were found deαd Friday when crews searched the rubble of a massive construction fire. Two workers were reported missing after a fire on Thursday at the construction site of a luxury apartment complex in Charlotte’s affluent South Park neighborhood. Still, their identities have not …

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Police Officer Faces Obstruction Charges: Accused of Leaking Information To Proud Boys Leader!

Officer Accused of Leaking Information To Proud Boys Leader

After members of the far-right Proud Boys extremist group destroyed a Black Lives Matter banner in the nation’s capital, a police officer was arrested on Friday for lying about leaking confidential information to a group leader and obstructing an investigation. Lt. Shane Lamond, 47, of Stafford, Virginia, is accused in an indictment of warning former …

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