Arshad Sharif’s Wife: How Does His Career As A Journalist Begin?

On March 23, 2019, Pakistani President Arif Alvi presented him with the Pride of Performance award as a token of appreciation for his many accomplishments in journalism. Arshad Sharif was the host of the show “Power Play,” which aired on ARY News.

He served AAJ News in the capacity of director of news there. Before working for Aaj, he hosted the show Kyun and was the director of information at Dunya News. Before that, he worked for Aaj.

February 22, 1973, found Arshad Sharif being welcomed into the world in Karachi, Pakistan, by his father, Commander Muhammad Sharif TI(M) TK of the Pakistan Navy. In 1993, he began his career as a freelance journalist while still an undergraduate student.

He attended Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad to get both his Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and his Master of Science in Public Administration degrees. Both degrees are in the field of public administration.

Arshad Sharif’s Career As A Journalist And How Does His Life Begin?

From London, Paris, Strasbourg, and Kiel, Arshad Sharif provided news coverage for prominent Pakistani news agencies. Sharif specialized in defense and international policy and covered conflicts in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Sharif provided news coverage for Pakistani news agencies.

The first season of Sharif Arshad’s Power Play show aired on ARY News in 2014. In 2012, he was honored with an Agahi Award for his achievements.

The recipients of the Investigative Journalist of the Year Award for the Powerplay program in 2016 were Adeel Raja, a producer, and Arshad Sharif, an anchor. In 2018, Arshad Sharif was selected as the Favorite Current Affairs Anchor (Male) by Agahi’s Peoples’ Choice Awards voters.

In 1999, he contributed to the publication as managing editor, reporter, and columnist. Arshad Sharif started working at The News in 1999, then moved on to the Daily Dawn in 2001.

Sharif Arshad was in charge of AAJ News and Dunya TV in addition to his responsibilities as “Director of News.” He was appointed as bureau chief for Dawn News in 2011. His first job in the media was at the monthly magazine Pulse, where he worked for a while.

When Was Sharif Arshad Passed Away?

The Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology was where Commander Muhammad Sharif, Arshad Sharif’s father, passed away in May 2011 after suffering a heart attack. In May of 2011, his younger brother, Major Ashraf Sharif, was killed when the automobile he was driving drove off the road. He was on his way to the funeral of their father.

Arshad Sharif Wife
Arshad Sharif Wife

After hearing the news of his father’s passing, Major Ashraf Sharif left Bannu Cantonment on his own and declined the services of a chauffeur or escort. His vehicle veered off the road and collided with a tree a few kilometers away, which resulted in his death. Full military honors were accorded to Commander Muhammad Sharif and Major Ashraf Sharif’s funeral and burial at the H-11 Cemetery.

Sharif was killed by shots fired by members of the Kajiado, Kenya, police department on October 23, 2022. Although the Kenyan police described the incident, including the shooting, as a “mistaken identity” incident, there was speculation on social media that he had been murdered. On October 24, the Kenyan Independent Police Oversight Authority said they would investigate Sharif’s passing.

Who Is Married To Arshad Sharif?

Arshad Sharif’s wife was a lady by the name of Javeria Siddique. In the year 2022, the two hopeless romantics tied the knot. It was in 2013 that she reportedly started her schooling in photojournalism, according to the claims.

She received her degree in 2014 and was recognized with honors from the Punjab Bar Council in 2008 and 2009 for Best Reporting and Anchoring, as well as an award from the CDA in 2008 for Best Reporting. She graduated.

In 2020, Javeria Siddique took third place in a photographic competition held by the Pakistan Air Force. The following year, in 2021, the government of Azerbaijan congratulated her for her achievement. She is a fantastic example to follow for the many aspiring young female journalists who look up to her.

In a tweet, Javeria Saddique announced that her husband, Arshad Sharif, had passed away. She said, “I lost a friend, spouse, and my favorite journalist today. According to the police, he was shot in Kenya.” Sharif was a journalist for the Daily Nation newspaper in Kenya.

She then urged the public to refrain from publishing any photographs of their family, personal information, or pictures taken of him during his final stay in the hospital in the guise of breaking news and to respect their request for privacy. She urged people to remember them in their prayers.

How Many Children Does Arshad Sharif Have? How Much Is Net Worth?

Arshad Sharif is said to have become the male guardian of his family after his father passed away. According to some accounts, he also became a father to five children during this time. On the other hand, absolutely nothing is known about his children and grandchildren. He is estimated to possess a wealth of two hundred billion Pakistani Rupees.

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