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Apex Legends: Gameplay

The online multiplayer battle royale game Apex Legends uses three-player squads to play as pre-made “Legends” with unique skills similar to those of hero shooters. Since the game’s debut, alternative modes have been added that enable single-player and two-player squads.

Microtransactions and loot boxes, which let the user use real money and in-game cash to buy cosmetic things like clothes for the Legends and new colours for weapons, are used to monetize the game, which is free to play.

Twenty three-player teams compete in each match on average. Players can form a squad with friends or are paired up randomly with other players. Each squad member chooses one of the 21 available characters before to the game, with the restriction that no character may be chosen more than once by a squad.

Each member of the squad has a distinctive appearance, personality, and set of skills that provide the team access to a variety of playstyles. Then, every team is loaded onto a plane that flies above the playing field.

Each squad has a jumpmaster who, with the consent of the other squad members, decides when the squad should jump from the plane and where to land. Players, though, are free to veer off the team’s course.

Apex Legends : Events

Limited-time events are available in Apex Legends. In-game cosmetics that are exclusive and only available during these events (like the Holo-Day Bash’s holiday-themed costumes) are available.  Additionally, events offer special momentary game modes (such as shotguns and snipers only).

A new focus of interest (referred to as a “Town Takeover”) that is based on one of the legends was also added to the current season map as a result of certain events.

There are infrequent minor events that only introduce consumer cosmetics (such as “Summer of Plunder” and “Arena Flash Events” which ran from season 9 through 10 and had 6 events occur.) or restricted game modes (without restricted collectibles), like the Battle Armor mode (April 28, 2020 to May 12, 2020)


Titanfall (2014) and Titanfall 2 (2016), both of which were published by Electronic Arts (EA), were created by developer Respawn Entertainment. Electronic Arts (EA) eventually bought Respawn Entertainment in 2017.

Prior to Titanfall 2’s release in 2016 and as of 2018, the entire Titanfall crew at Respawn Entertainment was working on the project, according to design director Mackey McCandlish. However, executive producer Drew McCoy claimed that development of the game did not commence until the spring of 2017. Approximately 115 developers were working on the game, making it the studio’s most labor-intensive project, he added.

In comparison, Titanfall 2 has about 85 designers.According to review aggregator Metacritic, Apex Legends garnered “generally positive” reviews for the majority of platforms; the Nintendo Switch version earned “mixed to mediocre” reviews. Some media outlets, such as Destructoid, Game Informer, GamesRadar+, and PC Gamer, praised it as one of the greatest battle royale interpretations to date and a legitimate rival to Fortnite Battle Royale’s hegemony in the genre.Apex Legends’ combat was praised by critics.

Apex Legends : Season 14 Release Date

The formal launch of Season 14 of Apex Legends, also known as Hunted, is scheduled for August 9 at 10 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM Eastern Time. The launch trailer will debut on July 28 at 8 AM Pacific Time / 11 AM Eastern Time.

The brand-new Season 14 Legend, Vantage, was initially introduced in the “Survive” Stories from the Outlands episode that aired on July 25. This heroine hails from Pagos, a “barren ice world” where she honed her survival skills to the utmost degree.

Leaks claim that she hunts down enemy with her sniper rifle and marks them so that her squad can kill them. She is said to be able to propel herself in the direction of Echo, a helpful winged friend.


Apex Legends reached one million unique players eight hours after launch and 2.5 million over a 24-hour period. It surpassed 25 million players overall in one week, with over 2 million peak concurrent users, and 50 million users overall by the end of the first month.

The greatest amount made by any free-to-play game during its first month of release was earned by Apex Legends, which generated $92 million in revenue in its first month of release across all platforms.

The game failed to maintain the same level of interest produced by its introduction, and it was reported to have made $24 million in revenue during April, which is 74% less than the amount it made during its first month.

Apex Legends has access to a playerbase of 70 million individuals worldwide with the release of season 3 in October 2019, and it is estimated to have made $45 million in that one month.

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