Amara La Negra Weight Loss: Lost 35 Pounds, But Her Confidence Didn’t Change!

Amara La Negra Weight Loss: Ana Maria Oleaga, a single mother, gave birth to Diana Danelys de Los Santos on October 4, 1990, in Miami, Florida. Diana is better known by her stage name, Amara La Negra. Amara’s mother had immigrated to the US from the Dominican Republic. She worked five jobs to provide for her daughter.

Amara graduated from high school and began attending college. She first decided to major in mortuary science, but she then changed to business administration and eventually dropped out to concentrate on her music career. Because of her skin tone, she faced a lot of prejudice as a child.

Amara La Negra Weight Loss

Amara La Negra has been a well-liked character since she joined Love and Hip Hop Miami, openly embracing her Afro-Latina identity and her enormous afro. You can’t go wrong with her since she is beautiful, sweet, curvy, talented, and beautiful. Even though she has been adored by the public and her distinctive appearance, the celebrity slimmed down this year, losing at least 35 pounds and appearing substantially thinner.

It didn’t begin with deliberate exercise and food changes, but she’s pleased with the results and going to the gym to advance the situation. She claims that some of her supporters stopped following her as she shrunk, so they haven’t as well received the weight loss. She continues to feel good and healthy.

In April of an appearance on Telemundo’s Latinx Now! broadcast, she claimed, “I’ve lost roughly 35 pounds in a couple of months.” “I’ve been feeling quite stressed. Numerous events were occurring in my life. I adore it. And since I can still get it, I accept everything about me—my dimples, my cellulite, my stretch marks, etc. What, then, is the issue? What?”

I understand that I had a following because I was very curvy and represented Latinas and Black beautiful women who were curvy. Still, some of that was personally detrimental for me, she continued. “I do not deny that I’ll be able to resume it, but this time I want to do it at the gym. Each to their own. I’ll get a new fan base, so it’s okay if you want to stop following me because I’m not as thick.

Amara La Negra Weight Loss
Amara La Negra Weight Loss

Her Instagram comment section is flooded with positive remarks praising her new appearance and questions about her health from people who miss the “old Amara.” She is feeling better than ever, despite how others may feel. “The Easiest and Worst Thing in My Life Has Been Getting Fat or Thick! She wrote, “Now I look 10 years younger!” in April. I’ll return to being thick and juicy in due time! I’m Slim Thick for Now!

Before, they advised me to lose weight because I was extremely FAT. She wrote on Instagram in March that “Now they complain I’m too slim and they liked me better when I was Thick. Making oneself happy is essential because you can never make other people happy, right?

However, Amara’s routine hasn’t changed despite her new appearance. Sis may be more petite, but the curves and the confidence are still there, so the seductive photos and twerk videos haven’t slowed down. View a few images of the celebrity sporting her new look.

Amara La Negra Career

Amara La Negra began performing at the age of 4 on the Spanish variety show Sabado Gigante, where she spent six years as the only girl with black skin. She began dancing with well-known Latin artists Tito Puente and Celia Cruz after the performance. Amara later founded a group called Amara when she was a teenager, but tragically, it was short-lived because they failed to keep its cohesion.

She kept the name Amara and added La Negra, Spanish for “black girl.” La Negra was included because other people commonly referred to her as the group’s “black girl.” When she released her first song in 2013, it quickly became popular in the Latin music market. She, however, found it difficult to be accepted in the industry because of her dark coloring and Afro hair.

In 2018, Amara had her appearance on the TV program Love & Hip-Hop Miami. Her history as a victim of colorism and prejudice by the Latin community was considered when the show cast her. Her appearance on the program attracted a lot of media interest.

When he made fun of her Afro hair, she got into a fight with Young Hollywood, a Latin performer with a fair complexion. Shortly after the show’s debut, she secured a multi-album deal with BMG and simultaneously released the singles “Insecure” and “What a Bam Bam.” In March 2018, the single What A Bam Bam reached its highest position at eight on Billboard’s Latin pop Digital music sales rankings.

Since the 2019 release of her debut studio album, Unstoppable, Amara has performed on various occasions, including the Hispanic Heritage Awards, 2019 Premios Juventud, and BET Live Experience. In the same year, she made appearances in the films Fall Girls and Bendecidas.

Recognition & Achievements

Amara La Negra received the title “Breakout Star of the TV Show Love& Hip Hop Miami” after signing an album contract with BMG. The 2019 Hispanic Heritage Awards, Premio Lo Nuestro 2019, 2019 Premios Juventud, and 2019 BET Live Experience are just a few noteworthy events she has participated in this year.

Amara La Negra Husband, Marriage

In April 2019, Amara La Negra and Emjay started dating, which she officially announced on her Instagram page. He moved in with her later. Shay Johnson, an actor and rapper on Love & Hip Hop Miami has a brother named Emjay. In March 2020, Annie—ex—got Emjay’s in touch with her and told her that Emjay preferred to utilize her for his financial gain over living with her.

After meeting with Annie, Amara decided to discontinue her relationship with Emjay. He still lives in her house even though they are no longer together, and Amara says she appreciates his support of her musical career.

Amara La Negra’s Age, Height, Weight

Amara La Negra was born on October 4, 1990, and as of 2022, she will be 31 years old. She is 1.73 meters tall and weighs 68 kg.

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