Has Amanda Batula Lost Weight? Know About Workout & Diet Plan!

Amanda Batula Weight Loss: Amanda is a well-known American graphic designer, TV host, and social media star. After sharing intimate details of her relationship with her now-husband, reality star Kyle Cooke, on the show Summer House, she gained widespread recognition and a high-profile career in the entertainment industry. Batula is now also a significant figure in the digital celebrity sphere.

She dropped “15 to 20 pounds” and looked great, the Summer House star said recently. For admirers who obsessively follow Batula’s career, this was huge news. As a result of watching what she ate, she told her followers that she had lost weight.

Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss Journey

Amanda revealed that she had struggled with weight swings for years and had recently begun to progress toward achieving a healthy weight. Batula, when asked about her ordeal, remarked,

“I was heaviest in Season 2, which was my first entire season. I declined to weigh myself, but I estimate a weight loss of 15–20 pounds. As a bonus, Amanda is now again at her undergraduate weight. That makes me extremely delighted.” Many of Batula’s Instagram followers expressed their joy at the news.

How did Amanda Lose Weight?

She shed extra pounds by imposing strict limits on her eating and exercise. Intermittent fasting is how Amanda claims she shed pounds. Amanda remarked, “Intermittent fasting gave me the benefits I was hoping for, and it’s still working for me.”

When she could have restrained herself more, she didn’t. Amanda simply followed her rules and avoided fast food. Now that her weight is stable, she may indulge in sweets and starches without worrying about gaining any more pounds.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss
Amanda Batula Weight Loss

She also enjoys spoiling herself on the weekends, usually by going to a nice restaurant with her loved ones. Batula remarked, “I like living a healthy life and intend to live like it.” “I take care that I don’t end up in that position I was in previously.”

Not only does Amanda make sure to get enough exercise, but she also sticks to a nutritious diet. She doesn’t like going to the gym, but she does yoga every day for an hour. Amanda has maintained excellent health, largely thanks to her newfound dedication to a strict exercise regimen.

Amanda Batula Diet Plan

Dietary discipline is essential for success on the road to weight loss. There is no way to drop this much weight without this. Amanda Batula discusses the diet she has been following after receiving life-changing advice.

Amanda claims she has never been much of a gym rat, so when she wanted to be in better shape, she sought the advice of a nutritionist. She started supplementing her regular dose of Bullet Proof Coffee with a well-balanced FODMAP DIET. She also shared how intermittent fasting completely transformed her health. She also claims that she limited her consumption of whole fruits due to their high sugar content. To aid in her weight loss, she made an effort to increase her intake of vegetables.

She continues to eat healthily, occasionally indulging in forbidden foods. She suggests giving in to your cravings consistently, but only in small doses, to avoid bingeing. She also did not pay much attention to her calorie intake because, in her opinion, doing so may not help her lose weight.

With intermittent fasting, Amanda Batula typically doesn’t eat lunch until late afternoon, but she doesn’t feel hungry. Butter coffee is a popular beverage with Brain Octane oil (C8 MCT oil) and grass-fed butter or ghee. She said that since the second season when she was “at her heaviest,” she had lost “15-20 pounds” by drinking the beverage and following the diet regimen, which involves alternating periods of eating and fasting.

Amanda Batula Workout Plan

Amanda Batula claims in an interview that physical activity was never her best bet when losing weight. The actress tried hard, but she just couldn’t break through. Amanda now balances a career with the challenge of keeping her ideal body shape, reflecting her weight.

She has stated in her question and answer sessions that she thinks keeping track of her food habits is more beneficial to her health than the workouts themselves. Diet alone can prove effective for weight loss.

Amanda Batula Family

The parents of the Summer House Icon are known for their daring. Her parents are very much involved in her social media life. However, specifics about their work lives are lacking.

Nonetheless, the parents must have a comfortable income, given the backyard’s size and the photographs’ quality. There appears to be a lengthy list of accomplishments associated with their profession. Frank Batula, Amanda’s father, has a reputation for being an avid traveler.


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Where he has posted several times, he frequently shares images of himself and his wife, Donna Batula. Mrs. Batula’s Instagram is private, but Franks’s account provides a glimpse into their daily existence.

The only other member of her family is a younger sibling. Frank Batula Jr. is her brother’s name. Nonetheless, you may find his Instagram posts by searching for @dankiefratula. A birthday party is held every year on March 27 for Frank Jr. Her brother’s background story is sketchy at best.

Amanda Batula Husband

Each member of the summer house cast has found true love with a member of the main form. Her husband and Loverboy creator Kyle Cooke. Mr. Cooke is a fan favorite despite being part of the show from the beginning. Reportedly meeting on the show in 2015, the couple got engaged two years later. Before their wedding, Kyle’s company employed Amanda as a designer.

In September of 2021, the couple said “I do.” In a recent Instagram post, Mrs. Cooke said it was well worth the wait. The photo album of their wedding contains the inscription. Also, it was exactly 1120 days after they had first become engaged.

Bravo will almost certainly air footage of their wedding. The episode’s debut covering the event will take place on January 17, 2022. Batula and Cooke wed in a low-key ceremony in the backyard of Amanda’s parents’ home. Her family’s outdoor space seemed massive. The talented artist didn’t go overboard on her wedding expenses.

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