About us

LightHouse Journal is committed to investigating the intersections of news and entertainment, art and architecture, fashion and innovation. Our mission is threefold:

1) To wow our readers with the knowledge, distinctiveness, and excitement of today’s creative world.

2) To provide readers with the skills they need to be successful in this industry.

3) And to provide our contributors with a continuous forum for their work to connect with one another and the world. Sitting next to me was a copy of Metropolis Magazine, which inspired me to start my own newspaper that would cover news and other updates from my viewpoint in much more detail than other publications do.

Our Goal

LightHouse Journal is a digital journal that aims to deliver readers the most culturally relevant news, events, and viewpoints. We are an independent voice in our society, one that isn’t scared to compete for your attention. LightHouse Journal offers insightful, handpicked articles about the world and how it affects our lives as black people. LightHouse Journal is a periodical that is greatly inspired by nature, science, and design. We publish biannually and distribute globally.

Our coverage of progressive architecture, design, furniture, and fashion from across the globe includes pieces with interviews with visionary designers and architects who are pushing limits in their respective industries. We explore issues including art and science, architecture, the environment, ecology, and sustainability, as well as tales about where science meets creativity. LightHouse Journal also offers interviews with those who are experimenting with new methods of living in harmony with environment.